Monday, July 12, 2010

Sad Update

My daughter had all four of her wisdom teeth removed Tuesday morning, so I stayed with her Tues thru Friday. ( I went back and forth to feed ). Well my next door neighbors dogs dug under the wire of my coop and got all of my Buff Orpingtons. Two survived but the other two I never saw...they were just gone. FEATHERS EVERYWHERE though ! I am SO UPSET ! It all happened so fast and of course these neighbors didnt see anything or even care. Thats ok when I nicely asked them to put up a fence, they MOVED ! NO kidding...two days after this happened they up and moved. ( Of course without compensating me on the loss of my chickens. NOT that money was my main concern, but it sure would have helped me to replace the two I lost and care for the other two that are injured.) Anyway. I am so upset, "Sam" my Rooster and "Sookie" my favorite hen are now in Chicken Heaven eating garder snakes and having a ball ! I loved those chickens and Sam was SO beautiful. He was my first rooster and what a ROOSTER he was. He will not be forgotten and Sookie wont either. Arlene and Tara are still with me by the grace of God. I have no idea HOW they made it...but they did and both came home. I fixed the coop and now nothings getting in there ever again. They are safe and neighbors have moved. Guess they didnt want to shell out the expense of a fence or pen for thier dogs...who knows...or cares. LOL

Friday, July 2, 2010


Pearl Guineas ( I have 8 of this color )
Pied Pearl Guineas (I have Two of this color )
Pied Lavender Guinea ( have 1 maybe 2 )

Bourbon red Turkeys Tom and Hen Picture of what they will look like all grown up !

Buff Orpingtons Rooster and hen pictured ( Pretty picture but the real thing look much different ! I'll get pics up ASAP ! )

Royal Palms ( Toms )

Brown Leghorns ( Rooster )

Bourbon Red Turkeys

This is kinda what my Buff Orpington Chickens and Rooster look like. They are VERY pretty and friendly and HUGE ! My Rooster weighs 12 lbs and the biggest hen weighs about 8 lbs. Rooster stands 2 and 1/4 ft high and is just the sweetest. ( We named them after our favorite characters on the HBO show TRUE BLOOD. We have SAM ( Rooster ) Sookie, Tara and Urlene ( Hens ) !

The Black and White Turkeys are Royal Palms and rare, I have a set on order in August ! They are BEAUTIFUL but smaller than the gorgeous Bourbon Reds. Very friendly ( They tell me, I will find out soon ! LOL )

What my Brown Leghorn Roosters will look like ! ( Males )The females are beautiful too with salmon colored breasts. Very pretty chickens and white egg layers. GREAT Mommas and very friendly.

What My Bourbon Red Heritage Turkey Poults will turn out to look like ! This is a TOM ( Male ) pictured. ( The Brownish red turkey with white tail feathers...they are so beautiful !! Most prized turkeys for farmers who love heritage turkeys. I can see why our three poults LOVE my husband and I and think we are thier Mommy and Daddy. They LOVE affection and I play with them all day. ( Along with all the other babies we are raising right now ! LOL )

The Pearl , Pied Pearl and Lavendar Pied Guineas are very skittish, we have alot of work to do with them. They were purchased strictly for the flys ticks and bugs we have around the ranch. They will take care of all the bugs for us. They also eat the MILLET we have planted in the feild for our horses and chickens and turkeys..and them too ! They are GREAT Watch Dogs...LOL NOBODY comes on the property without them running out to meet you with the BUCK WHEAT sound they make. So being here alone, when Brian is working is not gonna be a problem...I won't be scared with my Guineas around. Oh and my Taurus .45 on my side helps with my comfort level as well. hehehe ! Out here in the country a gun is a necessary thing. Snakes and anyone trying to break in will not be happy. WINK !


Jennifer Lambert

Anyone who has EVER raised Turkeys, Guineas or Chickens of these kind PLEASE lets chat !! Any help or advice would be appreciated !

Blessings From Thunder Ranch

Friday, June 11, 2010

This is " Bella " ( Right ) a week into the rescue. She was PITIFULL !!!! Very poor shape and very underweight.

Cisco ( Bay ) and Maggie ( White ) taken on the same day as Bella. I will post NEW pictures so you can see the changes in Cisco and Maggie as well, soon.

Gypsy's Journey

The Horses:
My husband and I bought a few acres last year and started a horse rescue. We have rescued 4 to date and have kept two of them as our personal horses. I also have an older mare " Maggie" who is an American Saddlebred. She is white and you will see alot of pictures of her here. So right now we have My husbands horse "Cisco" , who is a 3yr old Quarter Horse and Bay with three white socks and an argile and has BLUE eyes ! We Have "Maggie" ( Pictured )who is 15 yrs old, white/flea bitten reddish brown tiny specs with brown eyes and we have "Bella" who is a Tenn Walker/Palamino. She is 21 months old now and has GREEN eyes. She is Cream colored with a little brown in her mane and puff. She has striped hooves. All three of these horses we paid for, but were rescued in actuality from horrific situations. Bella was the worst and most recent.
Bella wasn't even 16 months old when we got her and still had her baby hair and milk teeth. She had rain rot and fungal infections in her skin, they had kept her with a stallion and we thought she MIGHT be pregnant...THANK goodness she wasn't. She was untouchable and scared to death of humans. ( You would NEVER know that now !!! She had never seen a carrot, apple or knicker maker and I don't think she had ever even been touched before we got her, except to trailer her to our Ranch.) She is a whole new horse now. She thinks every time I walk out the door I have a snack for her and honestly, I usually DO ! HEHEHE ! She follows me everywhere and nibbles on my fingers and allows me the pleasure of rubbing her and scratching her. She is still skittish and we have ALOT of work to do, but in the few months we have had her she has gained a hundred lbs and has her beautiful creamy white coat and is a horse ! Wink !!
Cisco is my husbands BABY ! He is a 3 yr old gelding, Quarter horse and he is a LOVE MUFFIN. He will lick you for as long as you will let him. He rules the ladies ! He was living next door to where I bought "my horse, Maggie. He was kept alone ( Poor baby ! ) He had been placed 3 times by the age of 2 and nobody wanted him because he had colic time and time again, so I got him for my husband for is 47th birthday. After we had him tube wormed as well as given all shots and of course COGGINS test he hasn't coliced since. He has grown 15 inches taller and put on 150 lbs atleast since Sept of 2009. He was malnourished and hit with a board in the head when he would mess up and get in his previous owners way. Poor feller... who could do that to any animal ? My husband has fallen in love with that horse and If I must say so myself he is an awesome horse.
Maggie, my girl was bought for me by my husband a year ago July 3rd. I wanted to lose weight and get into shape. See i have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I was in poor shape after breaking both of my feet and being down for a year prior. She was a GREAT riding horse but didn't like people touching her, especially her face. She had been abused we later discovered. She has had laminitis and now has a pulled Cannon tendon. Her vet bills are in the thousands now, but thats ok another 4 weeks and we will be putting some miles on her ! She is doing GREAT ! She loves ME and my husband and allows the kids next door to braid her hair and brush her and ride her. She is SO SWEET it is unbelievable. She has gained weight and looks fantastic now. She was malnourished and abused as well. Whoever mistreated her is long forgotten and all she and the other horses know now is that they are LOVED and taken care of. They are a herd now and enjoy eachothers company. They all three sleep laying down together and at any given time you will see them loving( nibbling on eachother and necking and preening ) on each other in my front yard and in the field. Those three will live out their lives with us and I believe they KNOW THAT NOW !
If you are a horse lover and or owner and are into Horsemanship, get in touch with me here. Lets chat about horses and Chickens. ( I have 4 Buff orbington Bantam chickens. 3 hens and a rooster. ) I JUST got the chickens and am learning all about them. So if you have any advice....let me have it. HAHA ! I have gotten 6 eggs since Monday. They will settle down and lay daily soon I hope.
If a horse is in need of rescue, LET ME KNOW !!!!